Our Fabrics

We believe that the health of our planet relies on simple, environmentally friendly gestures. In keeping with this philosophy, our fabrics are selected with respect for the environment. We offer different types of fabrics. 

Vegan leather

Our vegan leathers are synthetic fabrics produced animal free. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to real leather. At Kanevas, our vegan leathers comply with the environmental standards of ISO 14001 and ISO 14024.

Real leather

Real leather is derived from animal sources. We select from the finer, central section of each hide. 


Cotton is a natural, vegetable fiber that surrounds cotton seeds. This fiber is usually transformed into thread and then woven to make fabrics.

You are not sure about your fabric choice?

No problem, you can order some fabrics samples from 2$ per pieces. We will credit the sample cost on your next order. 
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