How to maintain your leather bag?

We know that investing in a real leather handbag can be a great investment. This type of bag however requires small attentions to make it last a long time!

Here are some tips that will help you keep the leather beautiful:

Protect it.

Real leather is as fragile as your skin. Your bag must be protected from rain, cold, stains and harmful sun rays by using a waterproofing product. To prevent the leather from cracking and stains from accumulating, regularly treat your bag with a protective product.Be careful: The leather is soaked in a dye bath to obtain rich and durable colors. Please note that these dyes may drip onto light clothing during initial wear or due to moisture. To minimize the chances of incident, don’t forget to protect the leather before first use.

Clean it.

Sometimes, when you see the need, give a new life to your bag. Remove dirt and dust by gently wiping a clean sponge soaked with warm water and wipe off excess water with a soft cloth. Be careful not to use soap or cleaning products. These products may discolor or dry the leather. For more thorough cleaning, consult a professional cleaner specialized in leather goods.

Store it.

Leather is a material that softens over time. To avoid bad wrinkles, stuff your bag when you're not using it to keep it in shape. You can use newspaper. To prevent dust from damaging the bag, use the packing bag provided with the purchase of your Kanevas to protect it from dust. In case you have lost it, use an old pillow case to cover it.

Follow these practical tips and you will extend the life of your precious bag. Enjoy as much as you can! 

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